GBO Digital
We build experiences users love

What we do best

We design and build software experiences that drive growth and innovation by connecting your employees, customers, and partners to gather vital information and improve collaboration.

Made in Ohio

We believe that the best software is developed by a tight, local team. Our design and technology teams collaborate in person and start at the inception of your project.

The most successful digital experiences are created and built by a connected team with a shared vision

How we work


If you’re considering upgrading a current system or building something new, we can help you plan for your next project.

Design & Build

We design and build custom web and mobile applications that seamlessly integrate with other systems to solve your toughest problems, fit tightly into your current workflow, and produce measurable results.


After the build phase, we take care of the entire implementation by deploying independently or working with your IT group to deploy in existing infrastructure. 

We understand that your solution will only be successful if your users adopt it which is why we offer a variety of training and documentation options.

Manage & Iterate

We can help manage your infrastructure including setting up production environments, security, server updates, backup, and performance monitoring.

Software development is an organic process.  After deployment it’s important to track and understand how users interact with the system to make improvements, fix bugs, and plan for the next version.